Roger Leano Haueter

Modern Workplace Strategist | Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

Set any picture you like as custom background in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is currently rolling out the Custom Background feature, which allows the background to be exchanged in a team meeting. This feature is based on the already known background blur feature.

While currently only predefined backgrounds can be selected, according to the Microsoft roadmap, it should be possible to upload and use your own backgrounds in May.
Those who cannot wait that long can already upload their own backgrounds now. Read more

Public Live Events are grayed out in Microsoft Teams

If you do not see an option Live Event in the Teams application, read this article.

The Public Live Event option is deactivated by default.
Public Live Events disabled

It is used if live events are to be made accessible to people outside your own company (without login).

To allow public live events, proceed as follows:Read more

Join a Teams Meeting without a Microsoft Account

It's not really something new, but I have found that many (new) Microsoft Teams user do not know that

  • invitations can be sent to all existing email addresses out there, even if they are not licensed to Office 365 or connected to Azure AD. This also includes public consumer accounts such as Gmail,, Yahoo etc.
  • Read more

Live Events not available in Microsoft Teams

If Public Live Events are grayed out in Microsoft Teams, read this article.

With Teams live events, users in your organization can broadcast video and meeting content to large online audiences. Teams live events are considered the next version of Skype Meeting Broadcast. It allows the streaming of content to the following groups:

  • Selected users and groups in your organisation
  • Everyone to your organisation
  • Public - Outside your organisation. Users can join anonymously

By default in the global policy, live event scheduling is enabled for Teams users, live captions and subtitles (transcription) is turned off, everyone in the organization can join live events, and the recording setting is set to always record. Users in your organization will get the global policy unless you create and assign a custom policy.

But on my Tenant the option Live Event was not available. The activation worked for me as shown below:Read more

Get your free Microsoft Teams subscription for six months

Because of the Coronavirus, Microsoft offers its collaboration application Teams for free. Currently there are three variants:

There is already a free teams version available since 2018. This version is slightly limited in its functions (e.g. less storage space, no phone calls to landlines, etc.).

Since March 2020, Microsoft offers the following two additional deals:Read more