An affinity group can be used to ensure that resources within the same affinity group are physically hosted by servers that are close together. But since the scope of network management has changed to regions, affinity groups are no longer recommended or required to create virtual networks. Furthermore Microsoft does not recommend the use of affinity groups in general.

How to delete an existing Affinity Group:

  • Sing in to your Microsoft Azure Portal
  • In the left navigation pane select Settings
  • Click on Affinity Groups in the top navigation bar
  • Click on the name of the Affinity Group and hit the Delete button

Or using PowerShell (see How to connect to Microsoft Azure using PowerShell):

Remove-AzureAffinityGroup -Name "NameOfYourAffinintyGroup"

Before you can delete an Affinity group you have to delete associations with other services as, for example, the storage service.