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1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a 29 years old consultant, blogger and Microsoft MVP on SharePoint Server based in Bern, Switzerland. I’m one of the community leaders of, founder of the biggest regional SharePoint community in Switzerland ( and author of the well-known SharePoint blog I primarily focus on architecture, conception and engineering of SharePoint platforms.

2. What inspired you to be active in the community?
Five years ago, I started to realize that the same problems, which have already been solved, kept coming up in other projects. At this stage I decided to write down those solutions including a short description of the problem. The advantage of publishing them on a blog offered the possibility to share my newly acquired knowledge with my teammates. Over time, I realized that more and more people began to read the blog. This of course incredibly motivated me to post on a regular basis. Since then, has been growing to one of today’s best-known SharePoint blogs in German-speaking countries.

3. Brag! Tell us about something great you have been working on lately (either community-related or as a technical expert).
As a consultant, I often work simultaneously on multiple projects. The most interesting one I’m currently working on is the migration of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to SharePoint Server 2013. This project is thrilling because it involves thousands of users, numerous custom solutions and more than 2.5 TB of data to be migrated. The implementation in due time without affecting operations is certainly the biggest challenge.

4. What is, in your opinion, the greatest advantage of being a Microsoft MVP MEA Community MVP?
As a Microsoft MVP, I‘m even more well-perceived in the community. This allows me to share my knowledge with a bigger audience and collaborate with experts from all over the world.
Because of my efforts in writing blog posts, organizing free community events and speaking at SharePoint conferences, I have the feeling I am giving back to the community members who also benefit from my activities.

5. What would you recommend to people who aspire to be an MVP?
To share knowledge and help others to make their work easier should be a passion of a future Microsoft MVP. That’s the only way you may reach the necessary authenticity and get the attention of the IT community.

Thanks, Roger!