In the past, setting up security solutions required hardware, configuration on firewall, proxy and network etc. However, setting up Cloud App Security is straight forward. Microsoft Cloud App Security is a SaaS solution to provide visibility, data control, and enhanced threat protection to the cloud apps in use. This service helps to uncover Shadow IT, assess possible risks, enforce policies, investigate activities and fight threats.

Cloud App Security


App connectors
The app connectors use the existing APIs from cloud app providers to integrate the Cloud App Security with other cloud apps. An app is authorized by an administrator to connect and extend protection by querying activity logs, scanning data, accounts, and cloud content. It can also enforce policies, detects threats, and provides governance actions.

Cloud Discovery
Discover and analyze which cloud apps are being used by whom in the organization and how much corporate data is being stored, including Shadow IT reporting and control and risk assessment.

Conditional Access App Control protection
Monitor and control access to your cloud environment and activities within it in real-time. Protect your organization by blocking downloads before they happen, setting rules to force data protection with encryption, monitor what’s being done on unmanaged devices, and control access from non-corporate networks.

Policy control
Detect risky behavior, violations, or suspicious data points and activities in your cloud environment.

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