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SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Updates: December 2015

The December 2015 Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2010 contains numerous hotfixes and improvements for SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010. The cumulative update package is multilingual and contains updates for all languages.

Before you start
Since June 2014 the Cumulative Updates for SharePoint products releases on a monthly basis!
Be aware that the cumulative update requires the Service Pack 2 to be installed. This Cumulative Update does not support Service Pack 1. The SharePoint Server 2010 cumulative update contains all resources of SharePoint Foundation 2010 since the release of Service Pack 2.
If you install the Project Server 2010 hotfixes, you also have to install the SharePoint Server 2010 hotfix.

Installation instructions

  • Make sure you already installed and configured the Service Pack 2.
  • Create a SharePoint Farm Backup.
  • Download all SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server packages.
  • Extract the previously downloaded files with a double-click.
  • Click "Continue"
  • Define the path in which you would like to extract the installation binaries and click OK. Use the same destination path for the other files.
  • Run the extracted EXE file as administrator.
  • Accept the license terms and click "Continue".
  • Repeat the previous two steps for the other EXE files in this folder.
  • Apply the updates to each SharePoint server in the farm.
  • As soon as the installation of the cumulative update has finished on all servers, run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard successively on each SharePoint server in the farm.
  • Restart the User Profile Service on affected servers.

Hotfix KB3114418 for SharePoint Foundation 2010: December 8, 2015
Description of the SharePoint Foundation 2010 update package

Hotfix KB3114408 for SharePoint Server 2010: December 8, 2015
Description of the SharePoint Server 2010 update package

Hotfix KB3114405 for Project Server 2010: December 8, 2015
Description of the Project Server 2010 update package

SharePoint 2010 update portal

Slides from my keynote at SharePoint Days in Munich

I had the honor to kick-off the second conference day at the SharePoint Days in Munich. About 70 attendees joined the session where I was talking about the new features in SharePoint Server 2016 related to IT Professionals. Main topics were the new features coming with SharePoint 2016, the MinRole concept and hybrid functionalities such as Sites, OneDrive and Cloud Search. Please check the following slides for details about SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2.

SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2 is ready to download

Microsoft has released the SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2 today. As Jeff Teper mentioned during the European SharePoint Conference keynote, this release contains 99% of the RTM build features.

Let's see what's new in SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2

  • Support for Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 to enable bi-directional synchronization and common identity scenarios.
  • Enhanced support for new Data Loss Prevention capabilities.
  • The extensible App Launcher delivers common access across applications and solutions in Office 365 and SharePoint 2016.
  • Profile Redirection enables profiles to be extended. For example to "Delve About Me".

Please note that you won't be able to upgrade your SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview farm to Beta 2. SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2 cannot be upgraded to RTM and should not be used in production environments.

Download SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2 in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese or Spanish.

Get the SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview Quick Start Guide for details about system requirements, prerequisites, installation and configuration purposes.

There are also a couple of new and updated SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2 resources. Also check the SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview forum on Microsoft TechNet.

I’ve been awarded as one of the top 25 European Office 365 influencers

Weeks before the European SharePoint conference (Nov 9-12, 2015) had started, asked the European SharePoint community to vote for their top European Office 365 influencers. During last Wednesdays ESPC award night, the 3rd annual announcement of the top 25 European Office 365 influencers took place in the City Hall in Stockholm. That's the same place the Noble Prize Award Ceremony is held every year. describes the Top 25 European Office 365 influencers as "the group who lead the way on collaboration in the digital workplace and guide European Office 365 and SharePoint users on how they can achieve the full potential of their Office 365 investments."

I'm very happy to be awarded as one of the top 25 European Office 365 influencers (19th place). Thank you everyone who voted for me! This is a wonderful recognition of my community efforts and motivates me to go on. Special thanks goes to my lovely girlfriend for her continuous support.

The official announcement by can be found here.

Top 25 European Office 365 influencers
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Slides zum Community Event “8 Tipps um besser zu finden”

Gestern Abend fand der letzte Event in diesem Jahr statt. David Schneider und ich zeigten den zahlreichen Teilnehmern acht Tipps, um mit der SharePoint Search besser zu finden. Die Vorstellung der Cloud Hybrid Search (noch im Preview) bildete den Höhepunkt der Veranstaltung. Aus aktuellem Anlass wurden auch die wichtigsten News der European SharePoint Conference #ESPC15 vorgestellt, welche gestern endete.

Die wichtigsten News der #ESPC15:

  • SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2 kommt noch vor Thanksgiving
  • Es wird mindestens einen Release nach SharePoint 2016 geben
  • Neuer OneDrive für Business Client (Ende Jahr)
  • Dateizugriff und -Sharing für Mobile Devices optimiert
  • OneDrive und SharePoint verschmelzen zunehmend
  • Modernisierte Team Sites, mobiles Intranet, Cloud ECM
  • Verbesserung der Sicherheit, Compliance, Governance und Insights
  • Delve Analytics, Delve Profile, Delve Communications

8 Tipps um mit SharePoint besser zu finden:
#1: Promoted Results
#2: Refiners
#3: Company Extraction
#4: Duplicate Trimming
#5: Query Suggestions
#6: Title Feld
#7: Site Suggest
#8: Cloud Search Service Application

Die Termine für die Events im 2016 werden im nächsten Newsletter bekanntgegeben.

Und hier noch die Präsentation von gestern: