Even when search is available, most users start their SharePoint journey by navigating. That’s why Microsoft developed the Megamenu which enables the users to see multiple levels of hierarchy at once. You can always choose between using the Megamenu and Cascading.

SharePoint Megamenu

The megamenu comes with the following features:

  • To turn on/off the megamenu option in the Change the look edit pane.
  • Adjust the header of your sites while choosing between the standard and compact layout options, a site logo and backgrounds.
  • Add a site footer to display information at the bottom of your site like text, hyperlinks or a logo.

Office 365 customers in the Targeted Release program will get this feature in February 2019. The roll out to Office 365 customers on Standard Release will begin in March 2019.

More information about SharePoint Megamenu.