During the last days I saw various posts where users asked about the following message in their Office 365 tenant:

We’re making some changes to SharePoint Online
We will be deprecating the My Tasks page in SharePoint Online over the coming weeks. This page was available on a user’s personal site (About Me > Tasks). If you would like to continue using the My Tasks page, please see the Additional Information link below.
Additionally, the Sync to Outlook button on a SharePoint tasks list will be removed at a later date. If you are currently syncing a SharePoint tasks list to Outlook, you can continue doing so for one year.

What does it mean to you? During the next weeks Microsoft will remove the «Tasks» links on your «About me» page in SharePoint Online. You may recreate the link manually and use this workaround until the full «My Tasks» page will be removed in the second half of 2015 (probably).


Also the functionality to sync SharePoint tasks with Outlook will be removed.


More information: The «Tasks» link and «Sync to Outlook» button are missing from a personal site in SharePoint Online

In addition, Microsoft has retired the SharePoint Online Tags & Notes feature. This means you can no longer create new tags and notes or access existing ones. For a limited time, you may export your existing tags and notes from the SharePoint admin center as CSV.


More information: SharePoint Online Tags & Notes feature retired

What are the alternatives? You may use the SharePoint Newsfeed instead. But this seems to be only a temporary solution, because Microsofts social collaboration strategy is going straight forward to Yammer. So you rather want to consider using Yammer.