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Delete orphaned synced Users or Groups in Azure AD

After Azure AD Connect has been removed, you discover that your Azure AD has a lot of orphaned users and groups from the no longer existing on-premises Active Directory. You cannot delete them from the Azure Portal GUI, but you can delete them by using PowerShell.
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In welcher Region sind meine Office 365 Daten gespeichert

Um festzustellen, welche Services Ihres Office 365 Tentants in welcher Region betrieben werden und damit auch, wo Ihre Daten gespeichert sind, können Sie wie unten beschrieben vorgehen.

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Im Menü links auf Settings und anschliessend Organization Profile klicken (ggf. mit Show all weitere Menüpunkte einblenden).
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Office 365 inkl. Microsoft Teams aus den Schweizer Datacentern verfügbar

Die Schweizer Microsoft Cloud Datencenter in Zürich und Genf sind bereits seit dem 28. August 2019 in Betrieb und stellen bisher einige Azure IaaS und PaaS Services bereit. Werden diese Services in den Regionen Switzerland North bzw. Switzerland West genutzt, verbleiben die Daten im Schweizer Rechtsraum.

Bereits sind einigen Tagen sind auch die Office 365 Dienste aus der Schweiz verfügbar: Explore where Office 365 stores your customer data.
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Microsoft Ignite 2019 on-demand sessions available

Did you miss a session at Microsoft Ignite 2019 or you couldn't attend the conference in Orlando this year? Just visit the on-demand sessions page to explore all the 1,000+ sessions from Ignite 2019.
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7 Microsoft 365 must-see sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2019

Microsoft Ignite 2019 is Microsoft's largest IT Pro conference and there are over 1,500 sessions to choose from. It is a challenge to find the most interesting sessions. Here is my personal selection of the top Microsoft 365 sessions around Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Intune and Security.

Microsoft Teams
Jared Spataro
Session Code: BRK009

If you are tasked with transforming workplace collaboration, this session is for you! Jared Spataro, CVP Microsoft 365, focuses on how Microsoft Teams can help you, sharing new updates in Teams, demonstrating how your peers are integrating their business processes with Teams, and discussing how to lead a successful deployment of Teams in your organization.
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